Ableton Link to MIDI broken

Hi all,

I know that this has been brought up a few times with limited results, but I thought I would bring it up again with some different context.

So I built a box a couple of weeks ago (rp4 4gb, PiSound module) to act as both an effects box as well as a way to sync my DJ setup (Serato DJ 2.5, turntables and mixer) to my hardware synth setup by acting as a bridge between Ableton link tempo to MIDI clock out. So, when I sync the box to an external iOS app with Ableton link sync using MIDI my Modep box will both sync to the clock provided as well as act as a MIDI thru for tempo, but when I create a patch that has the MIDI clock Lv2 plugin (or any plugin capable of sending MIDI out), when I choose to sync the MODEP to Ableton Link itself, the MIDI clock output of the Modep host is disabled, even for plugins. This means that the Modep cannot act as a bridge for tempo, making the device really fun, but limiting itself from a frankly insanely exciting application.

I’ve done some poking around at the Jack Link libraries and it might be an issue with the Jack Link library, meaning that the solution would ultimately be somehow creating a separate MIDI output divorced from the Jack transport (which I’m not sure is possible). Other than that, I’m not you guys, so I’m not sure that I have an elegant solution. I can tell you however that if this can be solved, the implications in the broader DJ community would be HUGE, especially for those of us who are trying to do larger DJ hardware/software/audio/visual setups. (I can name twenty DJ’s who would build a box tomorrow if this worked).

What are your thoughts?

Hey, could you share the steps you took to add Ableton Link to MODEP to arrive at the current situation?

Pretty easy. Activated Ableton link on both Serato and Modep. Link works perfectly (Serato tempo follows Modep). I can sync any software I want, but the moment I activate Ableton link the midi output is deactivated. (This includes both clock and transport output).

I should note that MIDI input remains active, which might be why it has not been caught so far?

Just checking to see if this has been recreated?

It looks like there’s some issue with mclk.lv2 plugin and Ableton Link:

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Yeah, definitely have experience this myself. I’m surprised this hasn’t been fixed yet as in theory it affects products like the Mod Devices (and of course MODEP) which tout connectivity as one of its selling points.

@Giedrius regarding this issue is it worth doing a pull request with your modifications? Plugin not working with Ableton Link · Issue #1 · x42/mclk.lv2 · GitHub It might help get this fixed!

Maybe it would, but I can’t take this on at the moment. :slight_smile: Maybe first try pinging the plugin author for his insights?

ok will do. I would do the pull request myself but wouldn’t then know how to answer any questions from the plugin author!

So the plugin author closed the issue report! Plugin not working with Ableton Link · Issue #1 · x42/mclk.lv2 · GitHub

Would I be correct in thinking that mod-ui uses Carla under the hood? Might have to report the issue there instead.

mod-ui uses mod-host. It may be fixed in a newer version of mod-host, or it could still be there, or the plugin author might be wrong. :slight_smile: Too bad he didn’t elaborate on what issue he assumed the host has.

I guess falkTX hinted that it might be Carla via this comment.

I wish I had a mod device, then I could test it on original hardware which might give more weight to my argument that something somewhere is not working! Feels strange and unlikely that I’m the only one experiencing this issue or that more mod owners haven’t spoken up about it.

You could try it out with this version: Update to Mod 1.10 - #43 by nwblnc, and see if it works with it.