Use single CC range to map to different things?

Had my Hub for some weeks now, and we are having a blast!
What I really miss: use one CC (Range 0 - 127) to map it to different things

One knob on my midi-input could provide up to 128 different states, but when I map that in the software it gets reduced to just an on/off bool.

What I generally find me doing a lot: take a single midi channel input, remap it to different channels and “do things” with the notes on the different channels (arp, repeater, delay, transpose, note length, etc).

Basically the idea is to be able to use a single input channel to control several channels on my output (Gameboy with mGB in this case.) Now I would like to be able to control which of these channels are active (muting the rest). Without wasting controls/CC on my input, which has limited pots.

So I would like to do a division like that:

CC 0 to 31 has channel 1 active, and depending on exact CC one or several of the other channels
CC 32 to 63 has channel 2 active, and depending on exact CC one or several of the other channels
…and so on.

I can easily filter and remap CC ranges, e.g.

  • first quarter goes to channel 9
  • second to channel 10
  • etc

But I can not map those virtual CCs inside the editor :confused:

If found several threads touching this subject (topics #1694, #3013, #2178, can’t link as new user) and understand that manual control over mapping is on the roadmap for quite some time now. Any updates on this @Giedrius?

Or am I going about this completely wrong? Is there another way to get more mileage out of a single knob?

If we take this further, I could imagine a universal combination of two knobs: one selects the target of another. Eg. depending on knob one’s position, knob two controls different things/CCs

I can map knob one to control out low&high of a CC remap, easy. If I want to cycle through only for example 10 CCs, i can make it output a range of 0 to 9 instead of 0 to 127. But I can not map that in the editor.

Is all of what I want covered with “manual editing of mappings” and/or “allow virtual input to be mapped”, or is there another way? Do I just have to be patient, or am I missing an existing solution for this?

Thanks for any input, excuse the lengthy post.

Yes, we have plans to extend the functionality in the mappings area. Some users are using a physical MIDI loopback as a workaround, as shown by @synthdad here: