Midi Map CC / Vel Range


Really happy to start using my midihub today, amazing piece of kit!

I’m trying right now to use a Midi Fighter Twister to remap my midi keyboard’s channel to other channels. This way I can push buttons on the twister and have the keyboard control different synths in my setup.

The problem: The twister will only send note values of velocity 127 / 0 or CC’s of value 127 / 0 when pushed, and the midihub seems to midimap a full range where 127 in vel or CC is the highest value in the parameter. So I can’t push a button and have it switch to channel 2, only between ch 16 and 1.

A solution would be to be able to process the incoming midi CC’s before they are mapped, but it doesn’t seem to be possible? Another would be to get some control over the mappings, like how Ableton can limit the range of the mapping, is this a planned feature?

Is there any other ways to achieve this? Id rather not use a physical loopback technique since I can’t spare more I/O’s.


Hey, Fabian
Yes, you’ve covered both the solution and key available strategy.

@Giedrius indicated that process mapping is in development but, in the meantime, the only other suggestions would be loopback via USB MIDI or loopback via MIDI THRU