Midi CC Controller Bank

I keep thinking about a new Generator Module that would be a list of MIDI CC values (a set list of say 8 or 16, or maybe a dropdown that allows you to choose to have 8, 16, or 32 different values), with a Source (to decide where any Mapping info is coming from - All/Omni, or any specific MidiHub physical or virtual port), and controls for CC ID# (1-127), CC Value (1-127), and Range (similar to Range Filter) per. You could then route that to any output just as you would any other Generator pipe.

This would allow you to quickly create banks of pre-defined controls (maybe these could even be saved/loaded?) and remap controls quickly with the “Map” feature. So you could set this up to control some of your favorite synth parameters, and easily remap those controls to one or multiple devices for editing.

I guess technically it should also allow you to use the software to modify MIDI CC values directly, which it doesn’t do as far as I can tell, but seems like it certainly could.

Yes, that’s a great and convenient idea, I’ve been thinking of the same concept myself too. :slight_smile:

I was calling it ‘CC Map’, but ‘CC Bank’ would work as well. Any opinions in the community on which name would be better? :slight_smile:

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Excellent line of thought…I’d vote for “CC Bank” over “CC Map” . CC Bank suggests a repository of useful tools , where as a CC Map implies a static, fixed, single solution. (Imho, of course) -m

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A cool idea, sure. What problem can’t be solved by adding another layer of indirection? :laughing:

CC Map does sound more like something that maps CC X to Y directly to me as well. Another possible idea fo the name might be (CC) Matrix - Roland XV synths use the matrix term for a something quite similar internally.


On a related note to the ‘CC Map/Bank/Matrix/Hypercube/etc’ line of thinking: many feature-requests (like this one) seem like they might soon become moot points with the arrival of Midi 2.0. In particular, the new Midi 2.0 specifications for Profile Configuration and Property Exchange?

I don’t think MIDI 1.0 is going to disappear any time soon, so features like these are still very relevant. :slight_smile: I wouldn’t expect many existing synths to get firmware upgrades to support MIDI 2.0.