Updating mod-ui in modep

Can anyone point me in the right direction to update mod-ui on a patchbox os install. There’s quite a few new useful features that I’d like to try, but I’m not sure where to clone the repo to. Any help will be appreciated!

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Hi, you may put it anywhere you like, just uninstall modep-mod-ui deb package, and most likely the modep-mod-host too. See modep-mod-ui.service and modep-mod-host.service to see how the environment is set up for them to run in.

I have cloned mod-ui and mod-host from moddevices github, but modifying the services doesn’t make it boot. The compile options are ok for mod-host, but mod-ui doesn’t compile, its just a server.py file that runs inside of virtualenv. am I missing something? The is filemanager a cool addition, but I can’t get it to connect either. Need to investigate that further too.

Is there by chance an update to PatchboxOS with updated versions of the software packages?
If so, is there a thread somewhere in this forum with a wishlist for additional packages?

We occasionally update the base Patchbox OS image. Feel free to start a wishlist thread. :slight_smile: