File Manager question

I have looked through the MODEP mod-ui files and can see that the file manager code has been removed. Is it possible to implement it or is there a way to add it back so we can look at getting some IR loaders implemented? This would be a huge benefit for MODEP!!

Hi, which code was removed in particular?

Apologies, I see that code was not removed, but that MODEP is just behind Mod official repo, as that has the file manager code in it. Any chance of updating to be more in line with mod-UI repo?

Yes, we occasionally update MODEP with new stuff from MOD Devices, but it takes a while to do all the work each time updating it. If someone would like to give it a go, you can find the relevant repositories here:

I’ve been watching the Mod repos like a hawk and I’ve realised that the file manager is only properly coming in 1.10, which I believe from other posts is the updated that you guys are looking at bumping to. My bad. I just saw the file manager and got excited…