Start and Intermittent MIDI issues


It appears at some point the Midihub started acting up, and upon receiving a start message the hub appears to be sending additional information which is doing some funny things to the hardware synthesizers I have at brief intermittent moments. I have attached my preset here, and video of the lights the Midihub for more information. I have tried to do troubleshooting outside of the Midihub like going direct from the source to the synthesizer and this removes the problem. Because I’m using the USB port for this I can’t easily monitor the MIDI.

In this video you will see the lights blink with the clock pulse after how the two are combining, second in the video you will see the start lights with no clock.

startissue.mhp (768 Bytes)

Try this…
… using Virtual A to monitor all messages going to USB-A-OUT.

(can’t see vid, btw)

Hi Lucasj, could you try reducing the issue you see by temporarily disconnecting some of the devices and find out what is the minimal set of connections and pipes to get the issue?

Also, try out using a Virtual bus as @resonotter mentioned to monitor the messages.

One thought I have of what can be causing problems is some unintended MIDI loopback, where some device in the chain is forwarding the same message (such as Start) back into Midihub’s input, which is then sent out again to other devices again, making it stuck in a loop, causing chaos.

Filter within Midihub can be used to work around that, or it might be possible to change the MIDI behavior in some of other device’s settings. (like some may have a combined OUT / THRU port where a devices echoes the same incoming input to its output, rather than sending out only the additional MIDI messages generated on the device itself, usually this behavior can be configured)

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@Giedrius, @resonotter,

I found what this issue was, and it was not related to the Midihub. My primary sequencer has the ability to send more than one instances of a single MIDI channel. For example, channel 8, and channel 8A. I would use this so I can automate double the CC’s I would normally be able to with only one instance. This was causing the issues. I had not run into this problem when going direct to the instruments or using a Quadra Thru box. It isn’t really a problem that I can’t do this. I did not run through the trouble shooting messages since I found the error before hand.


What is the sequencer and how is the function named? I’d like to learn more about it in its manual. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply, is there you can find the manual to the Deluge. It will be in section 12, but it won’t be too detailed. You would be better off joining the discord as the software has now gone open source there’s a lot of the folks who have way better knowledge there.

Thank you for everything!

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