Midi Loop when clocking to multiple USB Ports

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Hoping some kind soul can help me solve this issue. I’m running Octatrack as a Master clock into the MidiHub which is connected USB to a Norns. I am able to slave the Norns via piping Octatrack to a virtual A and then virtual A into USB A. This all works as expected.

The problem occurs when trying to send that same clock to other USB ports. As soon as I add Virtual A to USB B to the equation wacky behavior ensues where the Norns clock sets to a 1 tempo and playing scripts sound garbled with a sort of delayed doubling of the script it is running. My understanding is that Norns should be only listening for the clock on the first connected MIDI Device. This is not the case though. Any help is appreciated. I would really like to be able to send the same clock out to the other devices connected via USB. Is this an issue better dealt with in Lines community or is there something I can do on the MidiHub side of things to better setup my clocking?


Hey, could you upload the preset you have, just to see if there’s no issue with it? :slight_smile:

I haven’t used Norns before, how does Midihub appear in the Norns MIDI Devices list? Does it take one or four slots?

Okay. Sorry it has taken me a minute to respond. This whole thing has my brain hurting so bad I’m having trouble even articulating my questions.

To the original question, I can post a pipe preset I have tried, and will do so here. However; I think how Norns is treating things may be at the root of some of these issues.

Norns lists MidiHub as four slots “mh-2e0 . . .” 1-4. However, one can also see separate slots assigned to things plugged into MidiHub. So for instance M8 is plugged into MidiHub Out B and also shows up in the Norns menu as “M8”. Does this mean that M8 is coming into Norns twice? Once was whatever Midihub slot it is assigned to as well as M8?

Similarly when I setup a virtual pipe, “virtual will show up in the list of available Midi slots on Norns.” Does this mean that the virtual pipe is coming in twice, once as “virtual” and once as whatever USB port that virtual was being sent to?

The file I attached shows my routing for when I was getting the MidiLoop.

I’ll leave things there for now because my mind is sort of a soup of interrelated questions. But yeah, for now, is it expected behavior to see both “mh-2e0 . . . 2” as well as a separate selection for whatever is running into that USB port in the selectable midi devices?

Edit: the thing that is weird to me is that even though M8 only has a connection to the whole system via Midihub out B into M8, M8 is still recognized in the Norns menu. That seems weird to me as there is no midi out from M8 going anywhere.

In case it is useful I’ve also attached my aconect -l results.

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Update! My question was largely answered in the lines forum. I had wrongly assumed that each of the four devices appearing on Norns under my-2e0. . . we’re corresponding to each of the physical USB ports of Norns and the MidiHub would interpret midi sent through each port. I now understand that these represent virtual bus’ each to the port of Norns that midihub is plugged into.

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So did you get it working as desired in the end? :slight_smile:

Not quite yet. There is a Norns library that will allow me to pass MIDI from port to port and that should get me going, but that library is behaving strangely when I enable it system wide.

At any rate, I have confidence that I can make happen what I want to make happen now.