Too many cc's slows midihub

Hi there.

I have a launchcontrol connected to a deluge (where deluge acts as a usb host) and the midi output of deluge goes into midihub.

My issue is that when I try to move all the faders of launchcontrol many times I can see the corresponding input led on midihub lightning up at a slower rate and the notes start getting out of sync.

I’m not sure what the problem is, I guess there are too many CC messages. Any ideas on how to improve this? Can someone try to test this with a different setup? Thanks

Every CC message is sent as 3 bytes over DIN-5, the communication runs at 3125 bytes per second, so every CC takes around 0.96ms to go through. If there’s a lot of them produced at once, they would get queued up and mixed with the rest of the traffic, may end up delaying notes. If USB is used, it adds its own 1~2 ms delay too.

What does the Preset in Midihub do with the CCs? Does the LED start blinking slowly even when it does pretty much nothing with the data? It could be that the Deluge is getting overwhelmed by the many CCs.

On a simple preset (only midi to midi) it starts blinking slowly too, but it’s harder to get to that point. On the preset that I use it’s easier to get it to blink slowly. I attached my preset.

Thanks for the DIN speed data, Giedrius.
I’m not quite clear from what you’re saying, Daniel @danut007ro . Is the Deluge connected to the Midihub via DIN or USB (dunno whether Deluge>USB>Midihub is possible)?
I have a launchcontrol xl, and have just looked at that. A fader sweep outputs 128 values each taking about 5ms.
Hang on and I’ll try to get best est on all 8 together…

OK, moving all 8 faders quick as possible, takes a bout a sec for Midihub to take it all in. Given that this is 1024 values this figures at 1ms per value