Midi Monitoring external device

HI there,

New owner here. I successfully set up the unit with all the DINs in and out I want and Im able to control all of my connected instruments from my Synthstrom Deluge via USB. However, I’ve been trying to route all the DIN ins back to deluge to view relevant CC values for feedback to the device with no success. What’s an example of a pipe that would accomplish this?

Hey @Lucasj, welcome to Midihub forums.

Try uploading your preset so it’s easier to see what changes might be made.
(If you haven’t got the permission yet let us know. In the meantime a quick sketch of your routing is always useful)

If you want to route everything back to Deluge just to Monitor, then why not use Midihub’s MIDI Monitor pane?
If you can’t see it, look in the View Menu.

Very useful tool, it’s mentioned in “New To Midihub” 2 and discussed in depth in Tutorial 3

Two features that really help are
a. being able to Filter out messages/channels from view and
b. ability to export current view as a text file if you really need to.

Thank you for responding @resonotter,

Midihub 2024.04.01 23.05.29.mhp (490 Bytes)

This is the preset I’ve made. I have looked over the articles mentioned, and this preset is the sense I have made from them. I want it routed to deluge because I dont plan to be connected to a computer. I want to see the value of lets say, filter cut-off, to be seen by the deluge and have it set the value to the learned midi encoder accurately. whether cut-off is controlled from the deluge, or directly from the synth I want them to be synced. Deluge is connected via USB for context.

I appreciate your patience if I dont understand a few things as far as set up of Midihub goes.

Thank you

OK I see

So USB-A-IN is Deluge

And only

  • MIDI A (Ch4 & 8) → USB-A-OUT
  • MIDI B (Ch13) → USB-A-OUT

Have you used Midihub MIDI monitor to inspect the MIDI A/B IN lines?
Then you can check what messages are going down the line and back to Deluge

for example

this shot shows messages coming in the Channel Filter

but not Outgoing cos my messages are not on Ch4/8

SO here I can see why my Deluge would show nothing

It occurred to me that your Deluge USB might not allow you to be connected to a computer whilst it is.

Try this
The top half is your preset mostly disabled

The bottom part churns out CCs and Notes on all channels (There’s a Channel Remap to squeeze these into fewer if you wish).
This way you can test that messages going out to Deluge on A are being received and displayed.

I’ve got it so it’s just doing CCs at present:

Screen Shot 2024-04-02 at 20.01.47

you might want to Disable/Enable to let Notes out or both


Thank you for this! You helped me figure out where the issue was. Now that I know things are working within the unit I just have to figure out why my Deluge is receiving them, but not acting on it.

If you have any tips on condensing these pipes that would be helpful as this will be the basis for every preset, otherwise thank you for the help.


I don’t know the Deluge (though if someone wanted to gift me one, I’d accept graciously :wink: ), but some devices have an Rx page down in the menus.

I wrote your little Append lines deliberately to send on every channel to see whether Deluge was listening on a specific one (again not knowing it, maybe it’s only listening on MIDI-IN?)

If by that you mean condensed explanation, Lucas:

  1. Synced LFO produces narrow range (Depth) of CC3…

  2. …this is sent straight out USB-A

  3. …here CC3 is Transformed into notes with randomised velocity and run thro a Dispatcher to spread across channels…

  4. …& then sent out USB-A

  5. …finally those random channel notes are Transformed back into CCs to send to USB-A

Watch MIDI Monitor Incoming vs Outgoing at each pipe to really see what each stage is doing.

PS. It’s sloppy work: if you unBypass all USB-A pipes, you’ll get 3 x Clock going to Deluge! Maybe Filter out Clock at end Append line 1?
(Is there any Clock going into MIDI-A/B, btw?)