Software update

I was just wondering … Are we likely to get a significant software update at somepoint?
I don’t wish to sound ungrateful as I have 2 midihubs and have made a lot of use out of them, but there has been some major functionality additions discussed on the wish list and some hints that development was in progress. I think it’s been a year since the last major update (thankyou, again) and as I contemplate a reorganisation of my home studio I’ve realised that I might attempt something more audacious if some of the discussed features were to come to pass.
Just thought I’d ask,
Thanks for listening,

There will be further updates, but as we’re still a small team, it is taking its sweet time. :slight_smile:


Fully understood, and thank you for responding Giedrius
Midihub is a fantastic little box and your team have done a wonderful job.
I’m thankful for everything you’ve done already, and anything else you can pack in will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Let us know if there’s any beta testing we can assist with