Converting CC to NRPN?


Waiting for my Midihub to arrive soon. Just noticed there’s no direct way to remap CC to NRPN’s. Noticed a few work arounds but no real direct way to do this yet. Any chance this is still on the cards to be added in a future update?


It’s possible. The transform pipe can do it.

I’ll get back to you with a link to the thread in the forum.

Try working with this: Convert CC to NRPN - #9 by Giedrius

Guess there is no other way at the moment.

Yeah I saw that thread. I’ll guess I’ll have a play when my Midihub arrives. There was mention of a specific ‘pipe’ for converting to NRPN’s at the start of that thread, that would be available with a future update. That was way back in 2020 so I’m a bit confused why there hasn’t been one yet? Seems like a fundamental thing missing from a box like Midihub.

I’m sure there is a reason. Like stability or something. And I guess you can see it as a flaw. That being said I’ve seen a lot of updates and love pit down in Midihub and a lot of other requests has been implemented. So it’s hard to tell whats next.

And it’s a small company working with a great product that still seems to evolve and in my case rarely have noticable bugs in my workflow. So perhaps it’s in the making somewhere down the line.

Ask @Giedrius


Thanks! Yeah I’m a bit late to the party it seems, but the Midihub looks awesome, looking forward to having a play.

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How should you convert one CC to tree, while each of these tree can have it’s own specific value ?

As NRPN and RPN are 14 bit controls, and each individual CC is 7 bits each, it would be possible to use 2 regular CCs to control one (N)RPN control, by having one of them to act as a ‘coarse’ knob and another as ‘fine’ knob.

Btw, are there situations where the entire 14 bit resolution is not necessary, only controlling the highest 7 bits sufficient? If so, this should be possible to handle using a couple of Transform pipes in a single line.