Midihub updates

I own two midihubs, but after the initial love I’m more and more using them just as midi to usb interfaces because of the lack of needed improvements, expecially in midi mapping which is still extremely basic (no processing of incoming events). Has midihub development stopped? It’s been a very long time since the last “real” update, with new features apart from minor things and bug fixes. It still is a very promising and unique project, but needs some development effort and instead it feels abandoned, all the hinted updates just never happened… Is there a roadmap for the product, or it’s just considered “done”?

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It’s in progress :wink:


I was told sostenuto is in the works

Please! Amazing work has been already done to bring this wonderful device to the market. I appreciate it very much. This thing has a potential to compete with so many sequencing tools, even with maxsp in some areas. I am trying to process midi in Matlab in same fashion, and midihub simplifies a bit the workflow. But how amazing it would be, if midihub would have a richer pipe assortment/compatibility with programming languages. Blokas may shake the ground, especially on the edge of MIDI 2.0 era! It could be one box=all solutions tool for programming complex midi signals. Don’t stop improving and the community will grow, accelerating development and sales.