Midihub 2.0 wishlist: 3.5mm MIDI + USB-C = half the size?

First of all, Midihub is amazing! A central MIDI routing piece of my live setup.

I just find myself wishing it was… even more compact? 4 + 4 MIDI DIN connectors, while standard, require a large surface area on the device, similarly the USB Type-B connector is also bulky. Would love to see a next gen version with:

  • 3.5mm MIDI in/out (4+4 is more than enough)
  • USB-C for power and PC connectivity
  • Much smaller device box + tighter cabling for a more compact footprint
  • Optionally, Bluetooth MIDI support?

Oh and the current rubber legs can basically be used to PAINT on white surfaces :smiley:


Hopefully this would be a Midihub Slim or something because it would feel like a downgrade compared to Midihub that exists today.


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Is that two buttons at the top? :slight_smile:

Yes, it would be cool to be able to manage some basic settings with a combinations of button pushes. i.e. presets, inputs, outputs, press quickly, long press, press together, press at startup. I guess the more options the better without having to use the software editor.

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