Midihub 2.0 wishlist: 3.5mm MIDI + USB-C = half the size?

First of all, Midihub is amazing! A central MIDI routing piece of my live setup.

I just find myself wishing it was… even more compact? 4 + 4 MIDI DIN connectors, while standard, require a large surface area on the device, similarly the USB Type-B connector is also bulky. Would love to see a next gen version with:

  • 3.5mm MIDI in/out (4+4 is more than enough)
  • USB-C for power and PC connectivity
  • Much smaller device box + tighter cabling for a more compact footprint
  • Optionally, Bluetooth MIDI support?

Oh and the current rubber legs can basically be used to PAINT on white surfaces :smiley:


Hopefully this would be a Midihub Slim or something because it would feel like a downgrade compared to Midihub that exists today.



Is that two buttons at the top? :slight_smile:

Yes, it would be cool to be able to manage some basic settings with a combinations of button pushes. i.e. presets, inputs, outputs, press quickly, long press, press together, press at startup. I guess the more options the better without having to use the software editor.

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Perfect summary. All my ideas added. Would immediately order this kind of v2.

Oh, and please consider giving users the ability to edit the ‘device name’ (USB-MIDI and Bluetooth) which is shown in the OS. This is necessary if you want to run multiple devices via USB in the same OS to differentiate them. Pirate MIDI has added just that, my feature request on their Bridge4/6 MIDI foot controllers, it’s very cool. Thanks a lot for that!

Ideally also allow to hook an USB hub on the USB-A host port for the potential Midihub v2.0, so we can connect more USB-MIDI controller, what would be awesome!

Superdope would be if we can edit the name of each connected MIDI port which is shown in the OS to differentiate them, if technically doable.