Check firmware version?

Hi, How do I check my firmware version? And update if needed?

Hi, it’s written at the bottom right of the Editor’s status bar while connected to the device:

If an update is required, the Editor will suggest to update the firmware, and won’t be able to work with the device otherwise.

If an update is optional, it’ll show what’s new and suggest to perform the upgrade.

You may also do Help → Check for Updates Now… just to make sure you’re on the latest versions.

Hi Giedrius, apologies but I have not updated for a few versions, could you remind me how to get the firmware on to the midihub.
Y’know, the whole button press procedure thing that I remember is required.
I got the latest editor running okay.
I can’t find the explanation (again) that is somewhere on the forum, I tried for an hour to find it.
Why can’t the procedure be explained & included in the manual or in the editor notes?

Great product BTW.
Many thanks.

Hey, the process should be automatic - install the latest editor version, and connect to Midihub, it should offer you to perform the upgrade. If it doesn’t work, try doing Help → Check for Updates Now…, and try connecting to Midihub again.

The upgrade procedure is described in the community discussion posts, linked from the “What’s New” dialog, but under normal circumstances, you don’t need to manually start Midihub in bootloader mode, only if something is going wrong.

#success Good morning Giedrius, thanks for the prompt reply.
That newer way of updating the firmware worked a treat.

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