[Download] Midihub 1.04 Update

Hey guys, here’s an intermittent update in preparation for implementing new pipe types! :slight_smile:

All pipe parameters are now only editable via the properties panel, please share any feedback you have about it. :slight_smile:

Also, there were some changes to the internal MIDI engine, keep any eye out for any issues with MIDI data.

1.04 Editor downloads

1.04 Firmware

To update the Midihub firmware, switch it on while holding down The Button. In the firmware upgrade mode, all the LEDs should be lit up. Then connect to it with the editor, go to Device->Flash Firmware, pick the downloaded bfw file and hit OK.

* All stored presets will be removed during the firmware upgrade process * - you’ll have to back it up manually by loading each preset and saving them to disk with different names, a ‘data dump’ function to automate this, and to automatically do that during firmware update is planned to be done before the public release.

1.04 Changelog

Midihub Roadmap


  • Internal MIDI processing engine upgraded in preparation for upcoming new pipes. :slight_smile:
  • USB latency vastly improved, latest measurements show:
    • When sending ‘note on’ message via USB and directly looping it back via USB:
      min 0.531358 ms, max 1.09314 ms, avg 0.951346 ms
    • When sending ‘note on’ message via USB, looping it back via DIN-5 back to USB:
      min 1.36257 ms, max 1.67941 ms, avg 1.48313 ms
  • All of filter parameters are now MIDI CC mappable.
  • SysEx serialization fixed which was causing Midihub to stop processing one of input ports. @thetechnobear
  • [Beta Program] [Editor] virtual bus issue fixed. @thetechnobear


  • All pipe parameters are now editable via Properties panel, the pipe dialogs were deprecated.
  • Virtual Input / Output pipes may appear in red background, in case they cause a loop. (A loop may occur when changing the source/destination parameter via MIDI CC, as well as undo/redo). In that case, the red pipes act as if they’re bypassed. The situation can be resolved by manually changing the source/destination parameter via the editor, or via mapped control.
  • Keyboard cursor keys can now be used to navigate in the pipes grid.



@Giedrius -
macOS version seems broken to me… just sits there bouncing the icon, sometimes if I leave it long enough it brings up the UI… if i right click on it when bouncing, macOS offers only force quit.
can see anything in console log or anywhere else.

using macOS 10.4, iMac - no issues with any other apps.
1.03 was fine … might need to downgrade to it.

(can I leave 1.04 firmware on , and using 1.03 editor?)

edit: just noticed there is an macOS 10.4.3 update, am installing that, perhaps that will fix it?

Hey, I’ll take a look at the Mac version…

Please use 1.03 on both :slight_smile: The download links are still active from previous release.

Hmm, the editor seems to run fine on 10.10.5 Mac OS. I can’t think of any changes to the editor since 1.03 that would affect the startup of the program.

Maybe clearing the ‘QSettings’ cache may help:

rm ~/Libraries/Preferences/com.blokas.Midihub\ Editor.plist

You may have to kill plist cache process too: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19742452/qsettings-on-os-x-10-9-unable-to-locate-clear-it

This file stores the last layout and some settings of the application, so on next start the layout should be reset.

hmm, installing the 10.4.3 update seems to have fixed it :confused:
not had a chance to look at the editor changes yet… but the fw seems to have fixed the sysex issue I was haing :slight_smile:

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Argh, need to update mine. Been doing an unending reorg in the studio and haven’t fired it up but I’ll put it through the paces as soon as possible. Looks promising and can’t wait to see what else is in store.

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I’ve found an issue with this firmware build, where data in some of the USB ports get stuck when there’s no activity on the USB A port :). I will publish the updated firmware later today.

Ok, a build with the fix is up, the file is named MidihubFw_1.04.1.bfw, but when connected with the editor, the version displayed in the status bar will still show 1.04, that’s fine. :slight_smile:


cool will download and apply :slight_smile:

I think Ive seen a small issue where I can sometimes ‘overload’ the midihub when Im distributing midi clock. so sometimes, when I start sending clock, after a shortish while, the midihub, seems to stop sending other data out, so i get things like hung notes (I’ve checked, theres no midi loopback)
setup: midi DIN A IN has clock sent from pyramid, and midi hub is distributing it to OUT DIN B,C,D and USB.

but it only happens sometimes, and if I power cycle the midihub (using same preset A etc) , it then seems to work fine.

Ive been wanting to ‘report’ it, but given its inconsistency… I was hoping to narrow it down a bit, and be 100% sure something else weird is not going on - but unfortunately thats not been possible.

This could have been caused by the above issue, let us know if you can still reproduce it :slight_smile:

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ok, so I downloaded above (and got and flashed it, but its reporting its v1.0325

(I’ll be honest, can’t remember when it was on if it said 1.03 or 1.04 :slight_smile: )

I’ll let you know if the clock problem returns.

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I made a mistake somewhere in between copying, renaming and uploading the firmware to our web server. :slight_smile: I have just uploaded MidihubFw_1.04.2.bfw which should be the correct one. It will say 1.04 at the bottom.


Downloading and testing today

Weird, I went to 1.04 editor and I can’t get my midihub device recognized (and thus I can’t upload the latest firmware). I went back to 1.03 just to check and how 1.03 doesn’t recognize it either. Investigating.

Windows doesn’t have a problem with the USB connection:

Using www.midimonitor.com on Chrome to check that the device is recognized and it is.

Are there any other MIDI applications running? It can happen if some other software has the 5th port open - on Windows, only one application can use a MIDI port at a time…

Also, to do the upgrade, you’ll have to enter the firmware upgrade mode (hold the button down while switching the power on), in that case the OS should show only a single input and output port, named “midihub_fw MH-XXXXXX”

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It was actually the program I used to take the screenshot that caused the problem! I did get a few errors when trying to connect, even after closing the program, but after setting the device in “Upgrade Mode” I managed to flash the new firmware and now editor 1.04 recognizes the device running on latest.

Hurrah for science!


Hmm, so we lost the ability to right-click to quickly edit a pipe? That’s weird!

Everything running smoothly so far. Went to audio rate (as usual) and MIDIHub didn’t seem to have a problem, even after the receiving synth glitched out completely.

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