[Beta Program] [Editor] virtual bus issue


I think I may have stumbled across a bug in the virtual busses

here is a cutdown patch which exhibits the basic issue

test.mhp (146 Bytes)

its very simple, takes input on DIN B

and will send it to B,C or D, depending on channel.
(i do this via a virtual bus, as the ‘real’ patch, takes input from DIN B-D, and USB A)

so i play the keyboard channel 1-4, all is ok its going to DIN B, channel 1-4 (*)
I play channel 5 and it goes to DIN C, thats ok too.

but I now switch back to channel 1, and it stays sending data to DIN C, not B, as it should do!

in the full patch, things then start getting bad Ive seen the midihub resetting itself, timing out, creating midi overruns on connected synths…

(*) actually, Ive seen minor issues with this too , but initially it feels ok

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Thank you for the report, will note in my todo to investigate this :slight_smile:

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Should be fixed in 1.04 :slight_smile: