General Improvement


I wanted to check with you what your plans for the future of midihub are.
I really love my midihub and I think the product range and capabilities should be extended.

Im using since a few years a bigger Copperlan based Setup. 5 Alyseum AL 88s are connected with my synths and sequencers. My midihub is integrated to give me some missing features as filtering, remapping, scales etc.

As you maybe know Copperlan is dead and alyseum doesn’t produce the units anymore.

And this is where I believe midihub could step in and fill a gap in the market.
There is only iconnectivity producing a network based Midiinterface with flexible routing. But their implementation is really a bad joke. It’s slow and terrible to use and you hardly have any overview what’s going on.

So as a first step you could plan a bigger midihub with at least 8x8 ports and add 1/2 usb-host ports and most important an Ethernet port.

Then you could extend the midihub editor to be capable to handle routing between different devices and keep all the existing features (pipes) and integrate a midimonitor.
It should be capable of naming the ports properly so one could easily see wich devices are connected.

Also the General UI should be overhauled … maybe with a node based interface like nuke/Houdini

Thank you for the insights! :slight_smile: Yes, we’re planning future models of Midihub, but it’s still a bit early to go into details. :wink: