Midihub pro: More input/outputs, tactile control & naming

The midihub is amazing and indispensible, but after using for some months here are some wishes for a more advanced version:

I find I need more inputs than outputs because outputs can easily be rooted through a midi hub and destinations controlled with channels. And I have currently run out of inputs.

Wish: Make a pro version with 6 inputs and 6 outputs, 2 of each being configurable as either in or out. This would make possible 8in-4out or 4in-8out or anything in between.

Sometimes it would be nice to be able to quickly change the routing without opening the control interface. This can be done in several ways.

  • enable/disable inputs and/outputs manually with a small pushbutton.
  • assign connections to A, B or AB and have a 3-way switch that enables/disables connections based on the switch position.
  • have a small lcd screen with a rotary encoder making it possible to enable/disable connections (in the main interface it could be specified which connections are visible in the small lcd).
  • select preset with a rotary encoder and a lcd showing the name of the preset

There are many ways of doing this. I find myself moving cables around and changing the routing setups too often. Would be nice with some easily selectable setups and ways of dynamically reroute the signals or turning some inputs off fx.

This brings me to the need for:

  • naming the connections
  • ordering the connections according to input, output or name.

As it is one easily looses track of the connections and what they do.

naming the inputs would also be useful as some have suggested.
and perhaps have an “original name” and “username” switch either in the interface or on the device that would switch between a system-generated name (based on the input and output names and the selected filters) and a user description that explains what the purpose of the connection is.

Midihub is a great piece of gear.