Rows with Numbers, Names and Notes in the MidiHub Editor?

Hi there,

I’ve been using the MidiHub for the last weeks, and for me it’s already an amazing device. But since I have a very complex A/V setup (and this device is intended to perform complex operations) I have some suggestions about the editor.
Since the first minute I started to create my pipelines, I had the real urge of organizing them, naming/numbering each of them, changing order and also to have the chance of making descriptions/notes on each one.
I feel it’s a quite simple option to add and it can get graphically so much less confusing if there’d exist those posibilites!
For the rest, this is so far one of my favoritee MIDI brains.

Cheers for all

A similar feature was discussed here as well: Midihub Editor Suggestions

Btw, you may change the vertical order of rows by dragging Input pipes around.