Pianoteq update

Hello! Forgive me, I’m new to this. I have PatchboxOS up and running on a Raspberry Pi and I’m trying to install the standard version of Pianoteq (6.5.4) as I have a licence. After unzipping I don’t seem to be able to execute the arm executable. When I try to do so I get a “choose application” pop up with a message “Select an application to open ‘shared library’ files”. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? Thank you so much!

Hi, right click on the file, go to Properties, then Permissions tab and set Execute: to Anyone.

Hi @Giedrius - thanks for that. I had checked the permissions and they were okay. That you didn’t mention anything else gave me the courage to think beyond user error and I’ve now tried downloading version 6.0.3 and the executable works fine. So I think the problem is with Pianoteq - I’ll see if I can get in touch with them.

Thank you! Very excited to learn more about this stuff and hopefully one day contribute something or other!

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