Improve sfz support?

I have found a bunch of piano sample libraries in sfz format that I wanted to try on Patchbox OS (Raspberry Pi 4, 8GB). I did this by loading them into Carla (the plugin host - which I think I had to install as it wasn’t installed in Patchbox by default).

Unfortunately, some of the sfz libraries loaded and some of them didn’t. I assumed it was due to so-so sfz support in Carla, so I tried to open the libraries in LinuxSampler. I had nearly as much, if not more, trouble loading them.

Does anybody have any advice? I feel like the sfz support just isn’t quite there yet. I was hoping to get good enough piano sounds to replace my Windows / Kontakt setup, but it just doesn’t seem to be realistic at this point.

What plugin did you use to try the sfz out? You may try searching for alternative plugins that support sfz files.

You may give Ardour a try:

Carla has native sfz support, so I tried that. I also tried the Linuxsampler plugin in Carla (though I had to also have a LinuxSampler and Qsampler running). Neither of them seemed to work with all sample libraries. I will try Ardour, thanks!