SimSam Loading Issue

Hello! Very new to this whole thing, would really like help in figuring out how to get the SimSam plugin to work. I had a friend helping me to build this stuff, but we had a massive falling out, so I had to wade into this on my own. I know almost nothing about coding, pretty sure I’ve dumped stuff I shouldn’t into it already. Really want a great sounding piano plugin, figured something that is sampling real pianos would be great, but I just get the “Loading Failed” message. I have managed to load the Steinway sound files into the SFZ instruments file, but I don’t know how to make the plugin see the files.

I am running this on the newest Pi 4 with 8gb of RAM. Not sure what other tech specs to list. Any help will be appreciated!

I can confirm this plugin is not working. When adding it to a pedalboard the voice selection shows “LOADING FAILED!”. Assuming it’s looking in some other place for it’s settings/files?

Yeah, it doesn’t automatically load the sound files, maybe out of concern for disk space if you don’t want all three pianos. Tried to do it manually, but I don’t think I did it correctly.