New to Pi, Pisound, and samplerbox

Good day! I am really interested in Modep and samplerbox! I purchased a pi4, and pisound, and am wondering if there are any images ready to go that support samplerbox? I am pretty new to all this but the possibilities made me simply purchase both pi4 and pisound and they are sitting in the box because i am intimidated at how or where to start. I noticed a dev said they were going to add samplerbox support and I cannot find anywhere the image it was talking about.

Hey, you should be able to install the Sampler box software on Patchbox OS image, I think I’ve seen other users succeeding in that. Unfortunately their site is in maintenance right now, so I can’t check out what is roughly required. :slight_smile: But anyway, if you hit any issues, just show us the errors you’re getting and we’ll see how to get it resolved.

Still trying to figure out how to install SamplerBox on my Pisound. Can someone please advise?