Pipewire, rt-kernel and such


I have been out of linux audio loop for a long time, should I be looking into getting an rt-kernel and is pipewire better for audio than normal jack?

Does the patchbox os have special audio optimisations? And does it make sense to install it on rpi 5? Does rt-kernel mean that I should compile it to use on rasberrypi OS bookworm (or is there ready compiled kernels somewhere).

The use case is to have low latency and awesome sound for soft synths and such

edit: ok, it has rt-kernel Real time kernel

and ”If the regular kernel works fine, it should be good enough”, so maybe that stuff only if there is issues

any insight on pipewire, does it have something to offer?

bookworm vs. bullseye

I saw, that Giedrius sent the install scripts for Patchbox Os Pisound for Raspberry Pi 5? - #54 by Giedrius and there is rt-kernel script

Another rt-kernel & low latency write up

Anyone know if linux sampler is available from some source? I got some zsf drumkits, that I’d like to try and wonder if samples is the way to go to have some kind of drums, since I/O-is better now:


Carla software comes up alot, so looking to install that next. Haven’t installed the blokas stuff yet, but the RPI is still working really well for NAS and music playback and it’s been doing a lot of work in the background, so still no problems with this.

(carla has linuxsampler as dependecy for this, and linuxsampler has not been approachable at least years back when I last was searching info on that)

Pipewire might need one to start the app with pipewire jack implementation or pipewire just works it magic in the background and one is supposed to start jack with qjackctl normally, I don’t know… but pipewire seems really exciting too (for example).

edit: there is qsampler in bookworm repos, that may or maynot come with linuxsampler (it’s linuxsampler GUI, but it recommends to install linuxsampler -package, which is not awailable)

edit x+1: yup, no qjackctl with pipewire: https://linuxmusicians.com/viewtopic.php?p=144165#p144165, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NB1iodnqELY