Real time kernel

Hello, I’m using Patchbox OS for my research and I was wondering what real time kernel is it using. Is it Real-Time Linux or Xenomai or maybe other solution?

Also I would like to know how the real time kernel is implemented, does it relies on high-priority operations or does it has at the bottom a sort of software to receive hardware interrupts?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi, the kernel is based on the -rt branch of the official Raspberry Pi kernel:, it is maintained by:

It is built using the script here:



I cant get the realtime kernel to work with modep at 96k using HifiBerryDacAdc+ pi4 4gb. I have the HifiBerry set slave in config.txt but pops from clock sync problems (the ones that the slave attribute should address) still appear with the realtime kerner.

The normal kernel works fine, no pops. Latency is excellent using 96khz, 128, 2. I also overclocked the pi4 1750mhz seems stable and with the additional overhead you can get a meaningful amount of effects @ 96k. I guess I’ll stick to the standard kernel, since it seems to work fine. Is there a practical use for the realtime kernel?

If the regular kernel works fine, it should be good enough. :slight_smile: