Updating PD to 54.1 in 2024

I want to get the latest pd on my Pi Sound with Patchbox OS, and I’ve tried my best to install the seven .debs of the latest pd from puredata.info, but the furthest I can get the installs to work are puredata-gui, puredata-doc and puredata-dev, no matter what order I try to apt install them in. Because whenever I try to install the .debs of core, common, extra and utils I get stuck in seemingly infinite loops of having to upgrade dependencies like libc6, libasound2 etc. Seems like the only solution is for the admin to upgrade the whole PatchOS so that apt-get will be able to install the latest pd directly?

Upgrading pd is specifically an issue because basic pd-externals like cyclone do not work on the version capped by PatchOS. I’m a beginner with Linux, any help appreciated! Maybe there some easier way that I haven’t found yet.