Modep and USB Mic


I am able to use USB Midi devices easily with MODEP on Pisound; however, when I plug in a USB microphone it is not recognized. I have identified the device using ‘arecord -l’ and have used the alsa_in command in an attempt to map the microphone to the jack audio server (see Using sudo, as the jack server for MODEP is started is under the root user:

sudo alsa_in -j “Fifine” -d hw:2 -q 1 2>&1 1> /dev/null &

The command seems to work, but I am not getting any sound or changes to the web gui. Anybody have any idea how to alter MODEP to recognize a USB microphone?


Hi, you might have to restart mod-ui after doing your changes:

sudo systemctl restart mod-ui

I don’t think mod-ui expects to see audio device changes, so it does not react to changes.

If your microphone is visible to the jack backend, I think it might appear in mod-ui after restart. The code that scans for JACK ports is here: