MODEP with USB Interface


I have a 6 Channel Behringer Interface I’m trying to get to work with modep, but I’m not sure its entirely possible.

MODEP works alright but when i plug in more then one effect, sound gets broken up and awlful, I expect some kind of performance issue. RAM and CPU are alright though. No Xruns either.

I tried the following jack configs:
ExecStart=/usr/bin/jackd -P70 -p26 -t2000 -dalsa -dhw:CARD=FCA1616 -p128 -n3 -r44100 -s
ExecStart=/usr/bin/jackd -v -t 2000 -P 75 -d alsa -d hw:CARD=FCA1616 -r 48000 -p 512 -n 2 -X raw -s -S

Any ideas or hints if its even possible to get it to run smoothly?


Hey, I haven’t tried an audio interface with MODEP with this many channels. Did you get it working already? Or could you try out some other USB audio devices if you have access and see if the issue is unique to the Behringer interface, or reproduces on other devices as well?

Hi, I didn’t explore further yet, I don’t have enough experience with Linux audio configuration to make any good progress :slight_smile: I have a smaller ESI Interface as well, but I need an external power source for that. When I find one I’ll try it out.

I assume there is a way to get the Behringer working as well, maybe reducing the in/outputs helps. If you have any further ideas let me know :slight_smile:

I have a Behringer 2x2 interface that I’ll try with modep later tonight or tomorrow. I’ll report back!

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Hey @ThirdMountain, I don’t suppose you had a chance to try your 2x2 interface at all did you?
I’m having noise issues with my Alesis io|2 Express and I’m curious to hear if you had any issues with your interface :slight_smile:
I imagine I need to adjust my back setting but I’m under where to start.

Guys, I’ll try to add some devices that I’ve tested and that works fine for me!

But, first things first!
You MUST USE 3A power supply!!! - best is Raspberry Pi’s original adapter!!!
I’ve tried using several, good quality, but they are 2.5A max and I get this weird sounds!

So, what I’ve got working:

  1. Focusrite 6i6 2nd - first you need to change some settings on windows PC, be sure to turn off all options for direct monitoring to headphones and monitors, then save and turn off and turn on the audio interface.
    Plug it in to Raspberry Pi, change jack.service script to have the name of the audio interface and reboot.
    It should work fine!
    All inputs and headphone outputs recognized!
  2. Behringer Uphoria UMC-202HD - no problems, works via USB, 48V phantom power works OK too.
    All inputs and headphone outputs recognized!
  3. Mackie Big Knob Studio - not thoroughly tested, but it worked!
    All inputs and headphone outputs recognized!
  4. ReSpeaker 2-mic array - works fine
  5. ReSpeaker 6-mic array - works OK, problem is that at every few reboots or changing an SD card it changes the way MODEP recognizes microphones, so, sometime microphone 3 is at input 6, and next time is at input 2…
    Headphone outputs are always at 7 and 8!
    Sometime it won’t work! At boot, it’ll work 2 seconds and stop!
    Then I need to do this:

    sudo systemctl stop mod-ui mod-host jack
    sudo systemctl start jack mod-host mod-ui
    And that it works OK!

  6. Logitech P710e (bluetooth and USB speakerphone) - doesn’t work, whatever I’ve tried (changing power-supply, settings in jack.service script etc.) I get metal/robotic sound.
    It would be awesome if I’d get this device working for my project. But, it seems that it needs special drivers from Logitech to be able to use noise-reduction microphones, which seems to cause this problems…

Feel free to ask any questions to test out :slight_smile:

I need help tho with all of these audio interfaces, I think @Giedrius helped me about that before, but not sure how we solved it!
When I use USB audio interface, I lose the PiSound hotspot and can’t connect via wi-fi.
So, I need a way to solve this problem.

I’ll be adding more devices when I test them out.