Midi routing to 8 outputs?


Can you change the 4 inputs also into 4 outputs so that you have 8 outputs?
For example:
Can I use the MIDIHUB as a master clock and send the signal to 8 outputs(instead of 4) and clock my synths and rythm composers to it?

If I’m not clear enough, just ask :slight_smile:
Thanks for your answer.

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No, Samuel the 4 MIDI-DIN outs are your only DIN outs[1].

Other options would be:

  • Making use of any MIDI-Thru/Out sockets any of your devices might have. (Many do, but some might need configuring)
  • Using a MIDI-splitter to send several channels out from one of the MIDI-outs and thence onto some devices.
  • Making use of the 4 USB outs (this would need a computer/ Raspberry Pi to both power Midihub and route MIDI back out to devices which have MIDI USB inputs)

On Clock: yes it can be sent out of any number of the 8 DIN/USB outs. There’s also Tempo Divider Pipe so you can send say 1/2 tempo out to some port.
Clock can be set to "Listen to start, stop, continue, song position pointer messages on " any port.

[1] whether it might be physically possible in future, I dunno.

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Ok. Thank you very much for this clear answer​:grin::v:

One more option would be to use some THRU box, if some devices don’t provide the THRU port. In total, Midihub provides 64 DIN MIDI channels and 64 USB MIDI channels.

In a MIDI daisy chain where the output of Midihub is connected to some synth A, and its THRU output is connected to synth B, you can make synth A to listen to channel 1 only, and synth B to channel 2, so with a single Midihub output you could access 2 synths individually. This usually requires digging into the manual of each device to figure out how to set the channels though. :slight_smile: