Can Midihub help me avoid using 2 x midi merge boxes?

Hi there
Considering purchasing a midihub as I am trying to create a simpler midi routing than the picture attached.

The Polyend Tracker is the clock and sending midi program changes to the Electribe 2, but the Electribe 2 won’t send clock if receiving clock, so the TR6s needs to receive clock from Tracker.

The Electribe also doesn’t have a Midi Thru so to get a midi controller (Keystep) to work with my synths connected up to my Midi Thru AND with my Electribe another midi merge needs to come into play.

I’d like to avoid such a convoluted set up, and as Midihub is the same price as two midi merge boxes (and can do so much more) I’m wondering if there is a way I can use it to do the things I want?

Can i choose which midi inputs are merged, and which midi outs they are directed to?

This image hopefully makes it all clear what I’m comparing and checking if the Midihub can do (top right corner)

Thank you in advance!!!

You can always download/install the editor and do some more planning :wink:


yep, yes!

Correct! lots of creative uses