[Issue] cracking sounds

Hello, New Modep user here.
I have a raspberry pi 3B with patchbox and modep. Thé sounds comin from ibis unusuable and crakling.

I tried a Focusrite Scarlett Solo and a Laney IRT Pulse as sounds cards. I tried différent power supply (5v >2A) with no results.

Do you have ideas where the problem comes from please ?

Thanks you

Check alsamixer, reduce some levels from maximum if there are any. Also make sure you’re using big enough audio buffers in Jack settings for USB audio cards.

In addition to what @Giedrius suggested, also look at the XRuns information in Modep. If you’re seeing a high number there then the Pi3 might not be keeping up with the demand. Do you know what model of the 3 you’re using?

Unfortunately I tested a lot of buffer size without success…

I use the raspberry pi 3b v1.2 (2015)