Troubleshooting Audio Card

Hi all, i’ve installed the Pachbox OS on Raspberry Pi 3B and i’m using MODEP
At first i used a tiny USB audio card. (UGREEN), It works but audio quality is not so good.
So i bought a Presonus AudioBOX USB 96 USB audio card and configured jack to use buffer 256 and period 4. Using MODEP it works but sometimes i hear some clicks (seem a sort of static)
I experimented with different jack buffer and periods but the result is the same.
Investigating if it could be some audio card defect i tested the Presonus card with my 21’ MAC using Garageband and a midi keyboard connected. Audio quality is smooth and perfect so it is not an audio card problem.
Using the dmesg command in the console i found some errors

[ 40.165277] retire_capture_urb: 3 callbacks suppressed
[ 42.344006] hdmi-audio-codec ASoC: error at snd_soc_dai_startup on i2s-hifi: -19
[ 42.344034] MAI: soc_pcm_open() failed (-19)

i do not have any device connected to the hdmi port.
Do you have some hints to solve the problem ?
Tnx all