Distorted Sound with USB Audio Sound Card

Hello All,

I keep getting this distorted sound using my Sound Card. It used both an iTrack Solo and an Alesis io2. Both have distorted audio that sometimes fixes itself and sometimes it does not. I have checked with both the RT Kernel and the regular one, although with the RT Kernel the CPU Usage does not keep spiking to 100%.

I am using a Raspberry Pi 3B and used settings like 44100, 512 & 3 like the docs mentioned. USB Sounds Card I mentioned (obviously one at a time) and a Samson Carbon 61 keyboard. However, I am not using the official power supply but a Samsung Fast Charge Charger with my 3B.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you power everything over usb from the rpi? It might be an idea to try out different configurations and other power supplies. I’ve had a weird metallic tone in some situations even with an official psu, but your mileage may vary. Do you have other power adapters to test and is it possible to test for example withouth midi keyboard?

Also you might check in via terminal and type in something like

dmesg|grep -i voltage

to check if the kernel can detect an under-voltage



Thank you very much for the help. It was an under voltage issue. I used the official power supply and I hear no noise now.