Expected behaviour when using a ts mono input?

I’m working on a looper application in pd to use in conjunction with my modular. I need a simple mono input from my modular. I soldered a ts 1/8" mono jack to a trs 1/4 stereo jack. I shorted the mono ts tip to the trs tip and ring, and connected the sleeve on each side. I expected this to give me a stereo channel in the pisound with identical left and right channels. it didn’t work, there was distortion and maybe some phasing.

On a whim, I tried a mono 1/8" to mono 1/4" cable that I had, and this worked perfectly, audio on the left channel only.

Is there some kind of sensing built into the inputs to allow for using mono inputs as well as trs stereo?


Hey, there isn’t anything special going on on Pisound’s input side, are you sure you made your cable correctly? :slight_smile: From my personal experience, distortion issues were happening when there was a short to ground contact…

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If you only need one channel of input, perhaps you should stick with the mono cable? PD should be able to take that single channel and output it to both outs without any trouble.

Other than that, this sounds like a bizarre problem and my first thought would be a bad cable.


Yeah that’s what I’ve done. I just find it curious that a mono cable into the trs stereo input works totally fine.

When a mono TS cable is connected to a stereo TRS jack, the mono (T) and left channel (T) are connected, while the right channel ® is shorted to ground (S), so effectively the right channel for the stereo jack is silence. Chances are that there was something wrong with the cable you have used previously.