No Input an the r channel


im trying to run two different synth into my pisound and i am just getting signal on the first channel. Also tried it with a stereo source and a normal aux cable.
Is my second channel dead or is there anything else I could try?
thanks in advance!:slight_smile:


Does the Pisound’s input clip LED light up when you’re sending a loud signal to the right channel? (turn the gain all the way up so it’s easier to trigger it)

Hey Giedrius,
thank you for your response!
the red led turns on when I send a loud signal into the right channel.
now I here the input, but its really, really quiet and thin sounding.

Hey, it’s a good sign that the clip LED reacts to the signal on the right channel.

Could you verify that the problem is not in the cable(s) used? Personally I’ve encountered many cables as well as 3.5mm ↔ 6.35mm adapters that cause signal level problems.

Check both directions, using an alternative stereo input cable and make sure the output cable is not the problem either.

I checked it and the cable is fine.
also tried a different cable and the problem is still there.
I get this low volume signal when the gain encoder is at zero, when i turn it a lil bit the signal is completely gone…

It sounds like the gain potentiometer is possibly damaged and might need to be replaced. You can find information on the pinout and part numbers of the potentiometers here: Are pisound circuit designs available? - #5 by Giedrius