Pisound - modular system integration


i want to use my Pisound to experiment with some effects in Pure Data and integrate them into my modular system.

I decided to have mono-in stereo out, so i can use one channel for cv modulation coming from my modular, since the Pisound is DC coupled

Did anyone try this? Any Pointers? can the Pisound deal with ±10v LFO CV without breaking?

Hey, Pisound input is AC coupled, the output is DC coupled. Keep in mind that you’d need additional circuitry in place to adjust the range of CV input - at the lowest gain potentiometer position Pisound input range is 2.5V peak to peak. The potentiometer itself is a stereo one, so it will control the gain for both channels at once which may also have to be worked around.

If you’d want to use the output for CV, you’d have to scale it up to the desired range as well.

There was a project for interfacing Pisound to eurorack, Pisound Eurorack Interface, but from the description it seems it’s for audio effects, not CV.