Pisound Eurorack Interface

I just completed my first Eurorack module design and build, the “L7”. It’s a 1U 12hp tile to simplify cabling and shift the levels to create an effects loop with the Pisound. The left side of the module takes in two audio signals and combines them into a stereo output; optionally allowing for straight through output or level shifting it down for the Pisound. The right side reverses the process; stereo in, optionally boosts the signal back up to Eurorack levels, and splits the signal out.

I’ve been thinking about making this available as a DIY kit sometime in the future. Anyone interested?

Thadeus : creativecontrol


And in action with the Pisound…



I’d give it a spin!

Would it be pulp logic or intellijel 1u? I have a intellijel case, so I’d definitely consider it if it were intellijel 1u spec.

i’d be interested! cool project.

i would be interested too, but in 3U module, as i don’t have 1U row :slight_smile: Even if it’s something like 4 hp.

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I’m interested…where can I purchase one?

Hi! Congrats on the work! Is this erthenvar 1u or intellijel 1u specs?

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Work has been a little crazy and I’ve had a hard time finishing this. I think I’ve finally gotten the component values all worked out.

Some more details.

  • This is PulpLogic standard not Intellijel. Once I get a chance to price out the kit I’ll see if it’s feasible to make an Intellijel variation for the face plate.
  • I probably won’t do a 3U module for this as there some other great ones available. Retro Mechnaical Labs, Intellijel, 4ms, ALM, etc. I really like the design of the knob.farm Ferry https://knob.farm/modules/ferry. That’s the one I’d buy if I wanted a 3U.
  • For those who want to look at 1U modules but don’t have a rail PulpLogic have a solution: http://pulplogic.com/product/euro-tile-carrier/

I’m getting married next week so it will be a little longer before I complete the setup need to make these kits available. I’ll post again with more info once they are ready.