Anyone Use VCV Rack?

Have other people used VCV Rack with pisound? It’s a virtual modular synth and people are quickly developing plugins for it. In some ways, it reminds me of MODEP, though it obviously doesn’t have a web interface, like MOD UI.

Shouldn’t be too hard to try on Stretch, but my pisound is currently busy with my MODEP stuff (on Raspbian Lite, so no desktop). There are binaries for Linux 64b, but that probably doesn’t work on Raspberry Pi ( armhf). Been using the macOS binaries and just found out that some third-party plugins require the app to be compiled from scratch. Currently doing that on my Mac.

Could be kind of neat to find a way to merge the two concepts (MODEP’s Web UI with Rack’s plugins). The main advantage, to my mind, is that people are actively developing cross-platform plugins with a very consistent framework. (The 1.0 version, to be released in a few weeks, should include a bridge for VST plugins. Not sure that will work on Linux, but that sure could be nice.)

Anyhoo, just thought it might interest people here. Part of the beauty of pisound is to solve some issues with Linux audio. Even on amd64 machines, it can be quite a headache. But, with a pisound HAT and the Blokas installation software, it’s easy to get a full-featured Linux sound machine.