Visual displays For Pure Data Information?

Hello! I am posting to see if anyone out there might have any insight with regards to adding some type of visual feedback to the pisound, I am using Pure Data and want to be able to send, from my patches, different parameters to be displayed. I have no experience doing something like this, and would be very appreciative of any further information.

Thank you so much!

While I have not gotten a Pisound yet I have been using an Arudino + lcd shield for showing me important parameters with my usual laptop setup. It is comunicating with max and max for live.
You can see it in action here:


Hey, it’s now actually possible to do it with the Pisound App too, it updates the values shown in the app as the latest one sent in the patch. Check the LPV patch, in page 3 of the controls, the position parameter is continuously updated by PD patch itself, giving feedback to the user.

also when Orac 1.1 is released , it will be easy to send and control all is parameters on an attached LCD and encoders.