Pisound and arduinos

Hi, I would like to know how complicated / easy it is to do a project with arduino and pisound. I use a raspberry pi with Pure Data installed and can easily read the data from several arduinos. Would this also be possible when I add a pisound? And if I want the raspberry pi to work headless, do I have to add code for making the SD card read only? Or is this already done by pisound?

Hi, what methods of communication you’re currently using between Raspberry Pi and Arduino’s? It’s definitely possible, but Pisound makes use of Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins which may have to be addressed when connecting Arduino’s.

Pisound does not do anything to the SD card. A read only SD card is entirely optional, it can help avoid some SD card corruption, in case the system is unpowered without proper shutdown sequence. Raspberry Pi could work headlessly either way.

Thank you very much for your reply, this is very helpful. I am using the USB ports, so this should be safe then. And I was secretly hoping for just a knob which switched between a read only SD card and its normal state. But this sounds all very promising, and a Pisound is a good option for my project. Thanks again for your help.

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