Building my visual synthesizer

Hi all peoples,
I’d like to introduce myself with an audiovisual performance project that if been working on. It is about creating photographs through midinotes. Also certain parameters of a synth like the ADSR and the LFO are emulated visually. From 1:10, you can get a more technical impression. Have a look:

The visual part is done in VVVV, a great windows-based software for real-time programming. For the audio I have been using a Yamaha reface cs until now. This somewhat blows however, as I constantly have to recreate the synth-parameters mentioned above visually that are inside the closed box of the Yamaha synth.
For example the envelope of an LFO, and the digital number that it’s bouncing between 0 and 1 is not something that the yamaha can output in any way.

===so much for the intro===

Now I’m looking into using a digital synth that could send DSP-data like the time in mili-seconds of an ADSR-paramter and number of the output of an LFO in realtime by OSC or MIDI to my laptop. Of all the modules available for PiSound, PD or Supercollider look like the easiest to do the job.
What are your thoughts on this? Anyone tried already sending data from a pi(sound) to laptop?

For additional Multitimbrality I’m also looking at Zynthian as an alternative. Both are great projects I think!