PiSound for Video Synth

I used to code PureData to create music reactive visuals. Then last night I started to learn about video synth:

The researching about if I could make it myself, I search for raspberry pi video synth and came across this:

Well can only put 2 links in my post, so check out critterandguitari site for the EYESY device.

So I was wondering if the code was available somewhere and found this:

I think that the PiSound could really be a good start for a video synth where you can connect the Midi in for controlling your video synth and the Audio in (2 channel mono) which would then make it quite simple to make it happen.

Anyone has work with video Synth on the PiSound?

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Researching a bit more, I see there is some content for using pythong for video synth:

Anyway - seems like a good Holiday project. I’ll keep this thread informed if I make anything good from there!

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here is a wiki I put together about video synths on the raspberry pi :slight_smile:
I also made Scrawl if you’ve got questions shoot


NIce this is great - My research lead me to use openFramework for this type of thing, I’m glad to see the body of work you’ve done already.

Does any of these project uses the PiSound? Mostly wondering how to get the Midi input into a project, I see there is a library for OF that has midi in, but not sure how to get it from the PiSound to OF.

Apart from that, Awesome work you are doing, this is pretty sleek. It feels like the PiSound would be the perfect platform for a video synthesizer!