Pisound as a MIDI router/ event processor

Hi all!

I received the Pisound with its acrylic case yesterday, so far the experience was very good, thanks to the detailed documentation the setup process was smooth and fast. I have install Pd and SC on it, but the first thing I would like to work is use the Pisound as a MIDI router/ event processor. I want my Pisound do the following task:

To route a system real-time message 11111010 (start message) to note on event from one device to the next, and when it stops (stop message, 11111100 - stop the current sequence) the note on would become off


When the play button from Digitakt’s being pressed, it starts the current sequence playing, and the start message (system real-time message 11111010, or some call this a transport message), and will make my C4 note from my Prophet '08 get pressed and latched, until I stop my sequencer on Digitakt.

Any thoughts? Please share and thank you!

Above naming of MIDI messages are refer to:

Hi, this sounds doable. Do you know any scripting languages, such as Python? If so, you could use the RtMidi library for working with MIDI ports and the data to do the processing you’d like:

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Thanks @Giedrius! I will have a look and try out.

Before I thought Midish can do such task, I can do filtering/ routing for key note to key note, but not ‘system real-time messages’. Browsed thru the documentation it has mentioned something similar but I just can’t find the examples/ reference. From the start I even bought a iconnectivity mio2 but after I realized it can do most of it but the system real-time messages, and then I found Pisound, I believe Pisound is the ultimate solution of it.

@Vinc - I use Pisound for MIDI routing extensively - even while I’m using it for effects processing.
I route between three or four MIDI devices (including a Digitakt), USB and DIN, moving clock, control, and note data.

I originally did this all in Pd, but now I use SuperCollider - but either works for this purpose just fine.

You can find a number of MIDI processors that might do the trick… but given that you already want to do something “interesting” and custom, I’d just go with Pd or SC.

I’d be happy to put up my patches, though they are in rough form (works for me, but not much doc).


Thanks @mzero! You help me alot.
A brief reading of Using MIDI on SC help files, I think I cam solve this by using SC. I will try to do the task by myself first, if I can’t figure it out I am sure your patches can help me.

Will report/ share it here once done. :smile:

By the way, I also want to do how to use Pisound as a effect box and MIDI router simultaneously. Actually I am encountering problem on lauching Pd patches with single click on button. Anyway it is a problem that I need to deal with after I complete the code for MIDI routing on SC.

Hey! I’m interested in routing and processing ext midi clock via Pd - could you please share your patch with me?

@mzero could you please share how do you pass midi clock signals between midi ports?

Im trying with the amidi -c option but im not getting anywhere.

I can pass midi note and cc information between ports but no midi clock data :frowning:


Use aconnect if you just want to pass thru midi unchanged/filtered.

Thanks @thetechnobear i got it working finally.
For some reason i was having trouble using the Sevilla-soft usb host dongle and trying to pass midi data between the pisound usb ports.
Seems to be working now.