PI based UI builder (w midi/osc)

So, Ive got pisound working… and I’m trying to think how I can get it quickly setup to be useful.

Ive got a rPI3 + 7" waveshare touchscreen + wireless keyboard + (of course) pisound

given Ive been playing with Organelle and PD recently, I thought I’m going to do the following:

a) Install raspbian stretch (might as well start off up to date), get working with pisound + display
b) use fullscreen midi/OSC UI for PI
c) convert some patches over from Organelle.

so… all that preample is … does anyone know of a good UI builder for the rPI for (b)
basically, Id like something like Lemur but for the PI.
I guess my fallback position will be using PD, but I wondered if there was anything else, a but more modern :wink:

I want it to be quick/simple, as for now Ive got other projects going on.
later I’ll be looking at a custom interface with Juce/C++ but no time for that now … and don’t want to leave my poor pisound idle whilst it waits for attention.

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I am looking for a similar software solution. A Lemur midi/OSC UI, accessible via browser (see MODEP)
Maybe a combination of erpiam, Juce/C++ and libpd / Automatonism.

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was about to say JUCE myself. That might be the best option on linux.

Juce means building you own app… Id hoped for an interim solution, too tide me over till I have more time, and ive better idea what I want exactly… probably a generic’ish solution, but certainly not a full UI builder. so probably a fairly fixed layout, where the actually ‘dials’ can be labelled by the sound generator patch sent via OSC…
I guess if there is no viable alternative, I’ll go that way… as its my in line with my future plans anyway.

libpd, I’m kind of in two minds about it longer term (and PD generally) useful for quick patching, but not very efficient…
I prefer axoloti’s code generate/compile model, guess I could also do Heavy, but don’t like that this is not open sourced… another option might be Faust, but never tried to program with it :slight_smile:
(not really interested in Automatonism, too bulky for my use case)

anyway, that’s all a while away, as just don’t have time to start writing another big C++ app, till ive finished the others I’m already doing.

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I wish somebody would port MobMuPlat to Linux/Rpi, that would be ace…

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I just read the Faust documentation. FaustLive with OSC enabled looks very promissing.

It is interesting why you see your self dropping PD. Why? I’m happily using PD on RasPi running midi (no OSC, I’m not using OSC in my system yet), heavy, as midi controllers-hub, midi filter, sequncer, synth patch storage… I really think PD is amazing! And I say: PureData is usable as UI on touchscreen (in my case small Adafruit @ Raspbian), hint was “I had to use [shell] object to make PD window full screen…” . Only throwback could be - only one touch-point (same as cursor).

I just discovered Open Stage Control – I haven’t gotten deeply into it, only played around a bid with the simulation on their web site, but it’s worth seeing if it’s what you’re looking for.


this is very interesting! Though I guess this stands and falls with how well the various touchscreens for the RPi work.

This looks really interesting - thanks for sharing!