Display web interface on HDMI

I don’t have any pisound for now but before buying this I would know I’d it’s possible to get the web interface on an HDMI touch screen directly plug on the raspberry without using tablet/smartphone or other web connection. I want to control my pedalboard directly on it and don’t have to manage anything else.

Thank you for your answer

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I have a heavily customized pisound and what you propose is partly my goal, though not exclusively screen controlled.

I am either going to customise Reaper beyond recognition or use Open Stage Control on a large Transparent Touchscreen (like Minority Report) so I am not hiding behind a wall of gear, probably an electroluminescent display so it is extremely visible under all stage lighting conditions.

Unfortunately, the most common EL display colours are fluorescent Yellow and Green, but I have heard there is a Cyan display being produced, but I haven’t found out by who yet.


I think you could just open the browser and navigate to http://localhost to see the MODEP UI. :slight_smile:


I suggest it would be more helpful if you explained what objective advantage you believe Blokas MOD DUO Emulator has over the actual MOD, OSC or TouchOSC for control over what for many of us, is a large existing investment in MIDI controlled hardware effects and amplifiers in combination with virtual (software) synthesizers and effects. I would also mention an investment in learning to use Reaper for recording and live performance with Arturia Pigments, VITAL, Surge V Synths.

If Mod-ui is not necessary , you could in theory just control mod-host via osc once you made your patch . Then open stage control its a good one and runs extremely well but its also using nodejs and a browser to access it so …

Im also thinking on finding/building a multi-touch light fast UI bridge for similar purposes since it looks like there isnt much that is not web based. C , c++ or rust , anything fast and easy wil do

I want to have a solid pedalboard plug and play, rapid install and easy used.
I want to used the bloks mod because I’m really interested in the DIY.
My objectif is to build my own Helix in a certain way.

I find something closer to my search in treefallsound with the pi stomp core that integrate a LCD display screen and control button directly in the pedalboard.

Yes, works great, however, be aware that you can’t edit pedalboards directly with it, you can just modify pedals parameters.
If you have more questions about it I suggest you go on treefallsound forum.

You can also pm me if needed, I the happy owner of a pi-stomp core.

These are a very non-cheap option! :slight_smile:
I have seen one though. They are pretty fab.

I thought the screen in the picture was extremely reflective, rather than transparent. :smiley:

:slight_smile: this one was located in a fairly dim showroom …