Midi Controller Surface w/ "learning" capabilities?

Hello Folks,

I have a sort of special problem here. I need to control the registration of an electronic church organ via PISOUND MIDI.
Having installed it, everything runs smooth and as expected.

Unfortunately, the instrument (a Rodgers 588) is known to react to MIDI signals to switch the stops on and off, but I need to identify them AND to link them to an easy to control user interface (I do access the pisound using WLAN via Remote Desktop, and I run the native linux image of the pisound).

Could you recommend an approach that helps me (linux semipro, yet in MIDI and in handcoding improveable) ?
The “Hauptwerk” pipe organ simulation has a function similar to what I imagine - one can construct a screen containing register buttons and afterwards “learn” the midi signals one wants to connect with them … But that does not exist in a version suitable for the Raspberry Pi.

Thank you in advance!

I don’t know any ‘ready’ solution for this, but I’d guess it shouldn’t be hard to code up in something like Python.

There’s a couple of MIDI libraries available for Python, one we’ve used with success is RtMidi.

So as long as you know what your MIDI controller sends, and what MIDI data you should send (and receive?) to/from the organ, you could write a script to do the translation. It could even present some UI using some GUI library, but I don’t have anything in particular to recommend. :slight_smile: