Looper project presentation

Hi everyone,

After few test on the pisound card with great results I’d like to present you my project : a looper pedal based on pisound and sooperlooper.

I’ve already manage to use a cheap usb pedal board (in french) (in english) to talk to sooperlooper (rec/play) via pure data.

Now, I’d like to send informations feedback from sooperlooper to a phone or a tablet via wifi with OSC.

Meanwhile, I try to build a small and stable linux image with buildroot to drive audio with pisound the best that i can.

If everything goes well I’ll try to make a standalone pedal board with a teensy to interface the raspberry pi, sooperlooper and pisound!

I’ll feed the topic as I can…


Hi. I am very interested in something like this. I would love to see how well MIDI sync works and how the latency and sound quality compare to those of typical looper pedals. I’ve got a beatbuddy drum machine pedal and the prospect of building an affordable, MIDI syncing looper is fantastic.

Please keep us posted!

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Hi Everyone!
@mitoufflon, I have the same project in mind and has been researching more on this. I’m inclined in getting a teensy 3.2 to use as like a midi pedal interface with the Pi. I’m hoping to load Pd in Rpi 3 soon. I’m hoping latency wouldn’t be that bad. I really want to use sooperlooper and have it as portable as possible. I would be interested in any progress you have made and I too will share any findings and projects once I get started. It seems like pisound can greatly help the Raspberry Pi to become a single computer for audio.

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been quite busy lately…
I’ve tried to work with mobmuplat to test interfaces for superlooper, It’s kind of complex/not straight to build osc communciation beetween SL and android via PureData and usb pedal interface.
So teensy would be great but I didn’t take the time to work on it yet, I’ll post stuff here when I’ll make some progress!

HI, I am doing the same project.

At this momment I have write a Python program that controls sooperlooper throw OSC. (I was not able to do it with MIDI).

For the pedalboard I was thinking in something similar to the usb first link. In order to manage it with python there are a evdev library that seems to works fine for me.