MODEP: Touchscreen Interface?

Does anybody know of a simple touchscreen interface for MODEP? Has anybody looked into rolling their own? It wouldn’t really need much:

  • Current Pedalboard
  • Current Screen
  • CPU Consumption
  • XRuns
  • Next/Previous Pedalboard
  • Next/Previous Scene

Have a look here:

It is a custom hardware effect unit, but on the software side it runs modep and has a touch screen to interface with it.

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Has anybody looked at the mod-app code? It’s a pyqt-based interface to the local mod-host install. That could server as a base for a 7" touchscreen appropriate interface.

Just as an FYI, it’s not touchscreen, it uses an encoder knob to navigate through menus.

Also, the latest version of the project compiles the MOD binaries on the default 64-bit Raspberry PI OS.