PiSound | Live setup

Hi there

I’ve been using the PiSound as part of a live soundtrack project I’m doing for 2 short films by Chris Marker.

You can see the PiSound at the top right. The 4 USB drives have different Pd patches which I swap over during the performance, output from the PiSound is split into 2 chains of pedals, then into a small mixer.

I really like this set up, no screen and mouse/keyboard to distract me. The next step is a small Arduino based USB controller with 4 rotaries and a couple of buttons which I can map to give me a bit more control. ATM the Pd patches are outputting randomly selected chunks of field recordings make in the UK and France over the last 18 months.

There’s a film of one of the performances here



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I would like to buy me a Pisound to create a live sound project. I already have a midi controller (Arturia Keysteps) and the idea would be to integrate Pd and Pisound for live performance.

Do you think we can launch Pisound without screen and memorize the setting as what you did ?
I want to stop using computer screen on stage, this is why I’m writing you this.

I saw that you found a solution to just turn on Pisoud button and let it go with a usb key with PD files, right ? Can you explain me how you’ve made this ?